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A range of articles written by BPS members covering a wide range of topics such as 'wobbling' & 'Red Letter Days'. Artricles are added as often as we are able to get our members away from the river banks and put their posteriors firmly on a seat in front of their PC's. However, you will find that when they do; they come up with some excellent write ups and worthwhile pieces

Articles are very much our way of sharing our knowledge of the skills we have learnt on fishing our favourite method of 'wobbling', or sharing with you those days when it all comes together for us in a special session.

The articles lncluded in the article library will be added to as often as possible and will cover many different methods used by our members to catch pike. I'm sure you will find lots to sift through and encourage yourself to look closer at the methods you use in search of pike.

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Picture Library

Our style of fishing really does get you moving about, as you will see from the pictures stored in the library. Fishing 'The Wobble' sees us go to where the fish are instead of us having to rely on them coming to us. Members of the British Pike Squad are just as happy in the water wading as they are walking the banks in search of 'Esox'. A great way to fish as you will see, so why not give it a try.

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Video Library

Are the pictures in our Library not good enough to tempt you ? then take a look at our members videos.

Do you have a video you would like us to feature on the site? If so, please feel free to get in touch through the contact page.

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