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We have been the body representing the cream of Britain's roving Pike anglers against those of Ireland's at the annual Pike Angling Championship's since 1992


Along river banks, Canals, Lakes & Reservoirs; we do not sit down and wait for old Esox to put in an appearance, we travel light with everything we need upon our person.


Our stealthy approach along our waterways utilises all of our watercraft skills to seek out our elusive Pike


In the margins, in the middle, on the far bank we find Pike who love our wobbled baits or lures


Our method is a simple affair but it rewards us with landing Pike in quantities, sometimes into double figures which is something that a sit down Angler will not experience

For us it's that fundamental human element of the hunter stalking his prey. Our style of fishing sees us fish a multitude of methods in search of the ultimate hunter, with the much under used method of 'wobbling' small dead baits being our prime weapon in search of our elusive prey - our lure anglers also have great results whilst roving the banks.

For us, it's always been about getting out there and working for our rewards, roving the banks of the river or lake; searching out all those little nooks and crannies for those spots where 'Esox' lies in wait for his prey to approach. The take, the strike, the action!

Interested, and want to know more? Then you have made it to the right place. Have a look through our site for all the info and latest news from the BPS. Then why not pop along to our friendly and informative forum where you will find all the news on our regular get together meetings, where you can learn to fish the most exciting method for catching Pike there is.

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